FREE: Rotation

2: Chest to hip dissociation: How much separation the player can create between the
chest and the hips when rotating
The average human being is capable of disassociating the chest from the hips by
roughly 45 degree’s. That means that if a person were to sit down in a chair and
lock their hips in place, they would be able to turn their chest to the left or right
roughly 45 degree’s without using their hands or legs to push and without
excessively straining their body. In the golf swing, if the player were to turn their
hips 45 degrees in the backswing, the upper body would rotate 90 degree’s
The greater the separation between the upper and lower body, the more stretch the
player will be able to create, which in turn will translate to more speed. Think of
the hips and chest like a rubber band. The more we can separate the two ends, the
speed they will snap back with once released
*If the player can create a stretch in the backswing, that is good, but the
real goal is to create stretch in the downswing so that it pulls the upper
body into impact
*The key is not to limit the motion of the hips, but rather increase the
separation of the hips and chest, even if the hips turn a large amount as